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Double click on es1370 object file and get KDL

Reported by: vrkosk Owned by: nobody
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Component: System/Kernel Version: R1/Development
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download the hrev48882 VMware disk image and run it in VMware Workstation 10.
  2. Compile Haiku from the sources (the usual way, hybrid build).
  3. Build the es1370 driver (jam -q es1370).
  4. Double click on the es1370 object file (generated.x86gcc2/objects/haiku/x86_gcc2/release/add-ons/kernel/drivers/audio/ac97/es1370/es1370).

This results in the following output in the serial port (luckily I had logging on):

runtime_loader: /Haiku-git/haiku/generated.x86gcc2/objects/haiku/x86_gcc2/release/system/kernel/ Could not find .comment section
runtime_loader: /Haiku-git/haiku/generated.x86gcc2/objects/haiku/x86_gcc2/release/system/kernel/ Failed to get gcc version.
PANIC: page fault, but interrupts were disabled. Touching address 0x00000000 from ip 0x023dd49e

Welcome to Kernel Debugging Land...
Thread 56488 "es1370" running on CPU 6
stack trace for thread 56488 "es1370"
    kernel stack: 0x81224000 to 0x81228000
      user stack: 0x71835000 to 0x72835000
frame               caller     <image>:function + offset
 0 81227e50 (+  32) 80142d4e   <kernel_x86> arch_debug_stack_trace + 0x12
 1 81227e70 (+  16) 800a32d7   <kernel_x86> stack_trace_trampoline(NULL) + 0x0b
 2 81227e80 (+  12) 80134de6   <kernel_x86> arch_debug_call_with_fault_handler + 0x1b
 3 81227e8c (+  48) 800a4da7   <kernel_x86> debug_call_with_fault_handler + 0x5f
 4 81227ebc (+  64) 800a34eb   <kernel_x86> kernel_debugger_loop(^[[34m0x801868b7^[[0m ^[[36m"PANIC: "^[[0m, ^[[34m0x801abbe0^[[0m ^[[36m"page fault, but interrupts were disabled. Touching address %p from ip %p
"^[[0m, ^[[34m0x81227f68^[[0m ^[[36m""^[[0m, int32: ^[[34m6^[[0m) + 0x20f
 5 81227efc (+  48) 800a388f   <kernel_x86> kernel_debugger_internal(^[[34m0x801868b7^[[0m ^[[36m"PANIC: "^[[0m, ^[[34m0x801abbe0^[[0m ^[[36m"page fault, but interrupts were disabled. Touching address %p from ip %p
"^[[0m, ^[[34m0x81227f68^[[0m ^[[36m""^[[0m, int32: ^[[34m6^[[0m) + 0x77
 6 81227f2c (+  48) 800a511a   <kernel_x86> panic + 0x3a
 7 81227f5c (+  64) 801444b9   <kernel_x86> x86_page_fault_exception + 0x121
 8 81227f9c (+  12) 8013774e   <kernel_x86> int_bottom_user + 0x73
user iframe at 0x81227fa8 (end = 0x81228000)
 eax 0x1           ebx 0x3202         ecx 0x0         edx 0x24f7220
 esi 0x72834ce4    edi 0x24f7220      ebp 0x72834cd8  esp 0x81227fdc
 eip 0x23dd49e  eflags 0x13002   user esp 0x72834cc0
 vector: 0xe, error code: 0x4
 9 81227fa8 (+   0) 023dd49e   <> panic + 0x0e
10 72834cd8 (+  32) 02449a73   <> abort + 0x13
11 72834cf8 (+  32) 0249473a   <> __deregister_frame_info + 0xae
12 72834d18 (+  48) 0129d3fa   <es1370@0x0129c000> <unknown> + 0x13fa
13 72834d48 (+  64) 02654acc   </boot/system/runtime_loader@0x02645000> <unknown> + 0xfacc
14 72834d88 (+   0) 60397250   <commpage> commpage_thread_exit + 0x00

I actually did step 4 by accident; I was trying to copy the driver to /boot/system/non-packaged to see if it works.

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Causes a runtime_loader crash, but not a kernel panic anymore.

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