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upstream gcc patches from buildtools

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Haiku has been maintaining a complete fork of our gcc for quite some time.

We need to try and upstream some of our changes to help make porting newer compiler releases easier.

A good way to view our patches to gcc is to look here:

Even if we are only able to partially get our changes upstreamed, it will result in a reduction of force for updating our gcc.

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comment:1 by kallisti5, 2 years ago

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Patches should be submitted to gcc-patches@…

I'm going to take on trying to submit this one:

I don't want to take authorship since I took a *lot* of work of other people who didn't upstream in gcc 5.x to get it going... anyone recognize their handy-work and want to be listed as the author?

comment:2 by kallisti5, 2 years ago

Some updates. I did mess up the whitespaces.

12:33 < kallisti5>  "[PATCH] haiku: Initial build support"  No news is good news... right? :-)
12:59 < jwakely> kallisti5: no news is ... no news. it probably means nobody's taken a proper look at it yet, or looked at all.
12:59 < jwakely> kallisti5: if there's no news ever then nothing will happen, the patch will not get committed, so not good news
13:00 < jwakely> kallisti5: if nobody replies by next week feel free to ping it by replying to the original mail
13:00 < willy> the patch looks like a mess, honestly.  lots of random whitespace changes with no discernable reason
13:00 < willy> there's no mention of copyright assignment
13:00 < jwakely> yeah I was about to say, there are multiple authors, do they have assignments?
13:00 < jakub> the patch lacks ChangeLog entry, and as it is a new OS support, probably somebody needs to be appointed by SC as haiku maintainer
13:02 < jwakely> cleaning up trailing whitespace in should really be done as a separate patch, don't bundle it up with something major like new target support
13:03 < jwakely> dates like "Copyright (C) 2014" in gcc/config/haiku-stdint.h should be updated
13:36 < kallisti5> willy: yeah, sorry.  I can try to clean that up...  I had to hand-rebase it and i decided to try the atom editor instead of vim
13:37 < kallisti5> ... wasn't impressed
13:37 < kallisti5> the rub is we have been dragging these patches around since 2014 / gcc 4.x.
13:37 < kallisti5> I'm 100% open to reconfiguring the patches... but it's hard to get your foot in the door for new architecture support
13:39 < kallisti5> I can try to "drip" it in more slowly, but that would mean people accepting patches to basic things like "configure" without knowing if we have additonal patches to finish the os support
13:43 < jwakely> kallisti5: I don't think the problem is that it's one big patch. If it only added haiku support, and not also a load of unrelated whitespace changes, it would be a lot smaller anyway

As for choosing a Haiku maintainer? Ain't gonna be me :-) Anyone have time to commit to this?

comment:3 by korli, 2 years ago

The copyright assignment will be the show stopper here. For us in Europe, I think that one has to send a *letter* so it can take time. I would have refrained from giving a list of authors.

About the patch, the ChangeLog is obviously missing like jakub wrote.

comment:4 by waddlesplash, 14 months ago

I think we should just close this as invalid; we really don't need to spend all this time and effort for no real benefit.

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