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Impossible to translate several strings

Reported by: TheClue Owned by: stippi
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Component: User Interface Version: R1/Development
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Good evening,

Italian translations is marked as complete on Pottle, however when executing, several strings are not translated. Mostly of those strings are not present in catkeys at all, while some are present but the translations are ignored.

I'm trying to collect all those strings here. Ofc the list cannot be considered as completed as more strings are uncoverend while using/testing more the system.

Software Updater "Validating checksums for"

SoundRecorder In italian locale info box clips some strings (italian are longer than english ones here): it should be enlarged a bit (~10%)

WebPositive Contextual menu entries for "_Search the Web", "Reload" and empty entry below> (???) and all the other contextual menu entries In history menu, weekdays are not translateable (for ex "Friday")

Person Strings for attributes are present in catkeys but ignored

DiskUsage + File Informations Right clicking to a entry in diskusage results then get info open a window where the title is "<name of the file/volume> info" or similar.

Only the "info" world is translated _but_ this is grammatically wrong for example in italian because the only correct way is (for ex.) "Informazioni su helloworld.txt" (in english, litterally "Informations about helloworld.txt". The string should be parametrized IMHO.

Also in file info windows, permissions section. The "Execute" string is going to clip in italian as the field is too narrow. In italian the string is quite longer ("Esecuzione").

Debugger, Serial Connect these apps are not present in Pottle

DeskCalc scientific trigonometric functions should be translateable as they have locale in some languages (for example "sin" in italian is "sen")

Repository "Enabled"/"Disabled" in Status column

pkgman localized help messages are ignored. This includes the -h help in command line.

Terminal "Welcome to Haiku shell." message while opening a new shell

About System translators full name doesn't come from Pottle but just the nickname if the user has filled the full name into her Pottle profile only after having been pushed some translations (an example: me! Yes I know it's a stupid thing but make me feel so sad!)

HaikuDepot "Downloading package" into the status bar while installing a new package

bug -> copyright disclaimer in list when show featured is enable won't wrap. This results in a misalign of the layout (ie. the stars shift on the right) when the window is resized. For example: VNCServer

Icon-O-Matic <shape>, <path", transformers and properties in main windows are not translateable

Decorators Decorators descriptions are not translateable

Bluethooth "Settings" and "Quit" in Deskbar replicant

bug -> clicking "Settings" has no effect until you click "Quit": this causes the settings windows to pop up but the server was killed already. In facts, I see "Unknown|ServerFailed" as the only entry in drop down menu about local devices found"

Mail preflet "Yourself" in account definition

Keyboard Map Keyboard Layouts and System are always in english on both the menu and the main window special keys "Shift, Control, Print, Scroll" are not translateable In contextual menu they are translated except "Option" which is not.

Media preflet "output" in channel dropdown, main window HD Audio channels names are in english (it depends on driver I guess) "SoundFonts" in MIDI is not translateable (this should be as in italian is wrong to retain the 's' for plural of english names. The right way to spell in this case in italian is "SoundFont") Video Input and Video Output have only one string <none> in catkeys but they must be split because in italian the first one would translate in "<nessuno>" and the latter in "<nessuna>". This is generally true in italian, when we have M/F for common names different.

---> Media Service Restart When restarting the server, al the strings for ex. "Ready to use" are not translateable.

Network preflet "on" and "off" in services are not translateable "Disable" and "Enable" in main window

Time Flags box clips some text for very long countries for example some pacific islands and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia among others. The box should be ~15% wider.

Qt Configurator not translateable at all

Shortcuts Shift, Ctrl not translateable. Ironically "option" is translateable, yere :)

Sounds Events name not translateable

File Types & Deskbar folders These are hardcoded in english. They _are_ editable by user ofc, but I think this should be done automatically upon a Locale switch (maybe from the option on the third tab of the Locale preflet?)


Translators has usually the dual from with both the singular and the plural form for ex. "Photoshop image Translator" and "Photoshom images Translator".


  • Some translators miss one of these
  • In some cases for ex. StyledEdit Translator, both are present but only one is translateable

This should be fixed for consistency and...well...symmetry :)

Additionally the "information" buttom is lower case and the information window should be enlarged a bit as the path goes to newline with a ugly effect

Add printer dialogs

  • Printer type entries > not in Pottle
  • Connected to entries > not in pottle

- I'll add more strings as soon as I spot them as comments of this ticket if it's ok

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comment:1 by TheClue, 21 months ago

sorry for bad formatting, something went wrong from pasting from SE to Web+ It seems

comment:2 by humdinger, 21 months ago

Description: modified (diff)

I'm looking thru the list, seeing what I can fix.

comment:3 by Janus, 21 months ago

Shortcuts is covered by #7505.

comment:4 by Janus, 21 months ago

I have stared fixing the problem the changes are in gerrit

comment:5 by humdinger, 21 months ago

Description: modified (diff)

I stroke the items solved with hrev52432. I also stroke the Qt Configurator issue, as that's a general Qt port issue unrelated to the OS.

AboutSystem: Translator names are manually added. What would you like to see there, TheClue? Info window: it already is parameterized: BString buffer(B_TRANSLATE_COMMENT("%name info", "InfoWindow Title"));

While working on it, I wrote down what I discovered:

  • Mail prefs: Yourself comes from /haiku/build/jam/DefaultBuildProfiles settable with passwd
  • Decorators: About info comes from .rdef files
  • Terminal: "Welcome to Haiku shell." is part of /boot/system/settings/etc/profile
  • pkgman: no cli apps are localized (yet?)
  • SerialConnect: needs to be converted to layout management first.
  • SoftwareUpdater: gets the strings from the package kit. Should that be localized?

comment:6 by TheClue, 21 months ago

Hi humdinger, glad to see you here working on the issue :) I'm at your disposal for any help you might need.

AboutSystem > I would be proud if it's ok to you to show my real name here and the nick in parenthesis maybe: Gabriele Baldassarre (TheClue)

About the info window...found and fixed on Pottle, tnx for clarification!

SoftwareUpdater: the package kit should be fully translated already (cfr.

CLI apps: they are not localized, but I can see several strings of catkeys related to cli apps (--help output mostly)

comment:7 by TheClue, 2 months ago

Some additions looking at R1b2:

  • KeyMap > Dead Key selection dropdown --> <none> is not translateable
  • DeskCal > in scientific mode, the button for "()" has no label. There's no entry for this on Pottle.
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comment:9 by diver, 2 months ago

Description: modified (diff)

comment:10 by pulkomandy, 2 months ago

It's quite hard to follow the status of such multi-issues tickets. What's the current state? Are there still problems with all of these? Were some fixed?

comment:11 by TheClue, 2 months ago

Those not striked-out are still to be fixed. However, I'll do a double-check today and update this ticket as well

comment:12 by TheClue, 7 weeks ago

Description: modified (diff)

Added some strings from Printer preflet

comment:13 by diver, 2 weeks ago

Keywords: localization added; translations removed
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