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#390 closed bug (fixed)

Kernel crash when rebooting if Terminal is open

Reported by: adamk@… Owned by: axeld
Priority: normal Milestone: R1
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Keywords: Cc: diver
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If I type in "shutdown -r" from the Terminal, I get an immediate crash. If I close the terminal(s) first and hit "reboot" from the deskbar menu, it reboots nicely. Here's the crash and backtrace:

write_page(page = 0x928cf648): offset = 0, status = -2147459069 cpu 0 halted! PANIC: 1. pages_io() failed: No such file or directory!

Welcome to Kernel Debugging Land... Running on CPU 1 kdebug> bt stack trace for thread 0x62 "sh"

kernel stack: 0x90537000 to 0x9053a000

user stack: 0x7efe7000 to 0x7ffe7000

frame caller <image>:function + offset 90539744 (+ 48) 80076f51 <kernel>:kernel_debugger_loop + 0x0109 90539774 (+ 32) 800778ae <kernel>:kernel_debugger + 0x009a 90539794 (+ 176) 8007780a <kernel>:panic + 0x0036 90539844 (+ 912) 8005666b <kernel>:write_to_cacheFP14file_cache_refxUlUlUl + 0x01fb 90539bd4 (+ 112) 80056c4e <kernel>:cache_ioFPvxUlPUlb + 0x02ce 90539c44 (+ 48) 80057328 <kernel>:file_cache_write + 0x0028 90539c74 (+ 80) 8023ac6e <bfs>:WriteAt5InodeR11TransactionxPCUcPUl + 0x0176 90539cc4 (+ 96) 80247817 <bfs>:bfs_writeFPvN20xPCvPUl + 0x0167 90539d24 (+ 64) 800419c5 <kernel>:file_writeFP15file_descriptorxPCvPUl + 0x0045 90539d64 (+ 64) 8003cc7e <kernel>:_user_write + 0x0092 90539da4 (+ 352) 8002fb0b <kernel>:syscall_dispatcher + 0x0b3f 90539f04 (+ 160) 8007c901 <kernel>:i386_handle_trap + 0x0241 iframe at 0x90539fac (end = 0x9053a000)

eax 0x65 ebx 0x329e80 ecx 0x3 edx 0x1801a320 esi 0x3 edi 0x36 ebp 0x7ffe6130 esp 0x90539fdc eip 0x2b6117 eflags 0x207 vector: 0x63, error code: 0x0

90539fa4 (+ 0) 002b6117 </boot/beos/system/lib/>:unknown + 0x22117 7ffe6130 (+ 80) 002634e9 </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x634e9 7ffe6180 (+ 48) 00263559 </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x63559 7ffe61b0 (+ 112) 0023ddbb </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x3ddbb 7ffe6220 (+ 32) 0024dc5b </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x4dc5b 7ffe6240 (+ 668) 7ffe625c 7ffe64dc (+ 48) 0025d788 </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x5d788 7ffe650c (+ 48) 0025d73e </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x5d73e 7ffe653c (+ 32) 0024e1c3 </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x4e1c3 7ffe655c (+ 32) 0024e335 </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x4e335 7ffe657c (+ 32) 0024e369 </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x4e369 7ffe659c (+ 32) 0024de83 </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x4de83 7ffe65bc (+ 48) 002176e8 </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x176e8 7ffe65ec (+ 32) 00217636 </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x17636 7ffe660c (+ 32) 0021808c </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x1808c 7ffe662c (+ 48) 00218cca </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x18cca 7ffe665c (+ 48) 0021870b </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x1870b 7ffe668c (+2096) 00215fe6 </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x15fe6 7ffe6ebc (+ 32) 0021f24e </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x1f24e 7ffe6edc (+ 48) 0021f32b </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x1f32b 7ffe6f0c (+ 32) 0021f035 </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x1f035 7ffe6f2c (+ 64) 0021d1a2 </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x1d1a2 7ffe6f6c (+ 64) 00215ce3 </bin/sh@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x15ce3 7ffe6fac (+ 48) 00100661 7ffe6fdc (+ 0) 7ffe6fec kdebug> reboot

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haiku_16975_PIII600_vm_page_fault KDL_on_boot.txt (22.9 KB ) - added by umccullough@… 14 years ago.
Oops, this was for bug #389

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comment:1 by adamk@…, 14 years ago

rep_platform: AllX86

comment:2 by adamk@…, 14 years ago

I'm now seeing the same problem if I just "exit" out of a Terminal. Most likely, I never caught this before because I was just closing the Terminal with the close button in the tab.

comment:3 by axeld, 14 years ago

That's not directly a bug, it's a debug panic to find some other bug :-) You can safely continue with "co" in the KDL.

comment:4 by adamk@…, 14 years ago

Unforunately, I can't continue. When exiting the terminal, if I type 'co' at the KDL, the flashing prompt returns to the terminal, the KDL window never leaves, and the mouse and keyboard no longer work. My only option is to hit reset. Similarly, when rebooting from the terminal, if I type 'co' at the KDL, the Shutdown Status just stops at 'Asking "Terminal" to quit' and the mouse and keyboard don't work.

comment:5 by umccullough@…, 14 years ago

attachments.description: Debug log w/KDL and stackcrawlOops, this was for bug #389

comment:6 by umccullough@…, 14 years ago

(From update of attachment 153) This was accidentally added to 390, but should have been on #389

by umccullough@…, 14 years ago

Oops, this was for bug #389

comment:7 by axeld, 14 years ago

How old is your partition? Try removing the file .bash_history - this should help.

comment:8 by adamk@…, 14 years ago

Axel, the partition itself is a few months old. I regularly remove all directories but /boot/home, though, before running jam install-haiku.

In any case, your suggestion about removing .bash_history worked. In fact, though the file showed up in an ls -la, I was unable to open the file, it kept throwing an error. Once I removed the file, I could exit the terminal with 'exit', though. I guess it's time to reformat the drive.

Should this be marked as 'fixed' or is this just a symptom of another problem?

comment:9 by diver, 14 years ago

Cc: diver added

comment:10 by axeld, 14 years ago

Resolution: fixed

comment:11 by axeld, 14 years ago

Status: newclosed

comment:12 by axeld, 14 years ago

This is a symptom for a problem that has already been fixed some time ago :-) Thanks for the help!

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