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Finishing support for Shift-MouseWheel

Reported by: ttcoder Owned by: axeld
Priority: normal Milestone: R1
Component: Kits/Interface Kit Version: R1/Development
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A few months ago the "scroll by one page" feature trigger was changed from Alt-MouseWheel to Shift-MouseWheel. Everybody that relies on standard BViews made the jump automatically. However a few apps hardcode the feature, and its modifier key, and thus did not make the jump; they'll have to be changed by hand. This ticket is to signal/track the 3 components that need to be updated that I know of; ever since the change I've noticed only these three:

  • WebPositive (makes particular sense in that one since Alt-MouseWheel is reserved for something else there: font size change!)
  • Pe (the one that tickles me most, seeing how much time I spend in Pe!)
  • pop-up menu: if you open a very large BPopUpMenu (e.g. right-click in a Tracker window with lots of files) the resulting menu is larger than the screen is tall, and may be scrolled with the mouse wheel and with... Alt-MouseWheel (needs to change to Shift-MouseWheel as well).

I suppose Pe ought to be filed in a different place, but I'm crossing fingers and hoping a helpful soul with Pe repository access provileges will see this here! Wouldn't want it to take weeks to change, plz plz pleaze :-)

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comment:1 by ttcoder, 8 years ago

Looked into it on my own and...

  • Pe seems to be already fixed (from a cursory glance).. maybe it just needs to be rebuilt and the build uploaded to haiku-files ??
  • W+ might not be a "low hanging fruit" after all, might be best left out of this ticket..
  • as to Menu.cpp, it is easy enough to fix! See diff:
diff --git a/src/kits/interface/Menu.cpp b/src/kits/interface/Menu.cpp
index 7374245..516af8b 100644
--- a/src/kits/interface/Menu.cpp
+++ b/src/kits/interface/Menu.cpp
@@ -457,7 +457,7 @@ BMenu::MessageReceived(BMessage* msg)
                        window->GetSteps(&smallStep, &largeStep);
                        // pressing the option/command/control key scrolls faste
-                       if (modifiers() & (B_OPTION_KEY | B_COMMAND_KEY | B_CONT
+                       if (modifiers() & (B_SHIFT_KEY | B_OPTION_KEY | B_COMMAN
                                deltaY *= largeStep;
                                deltaY *= smallStep;

(edit: for reference, the original switch-over to the shift key is here )

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comment:2 by ttcoder, 8 years ago

Just tried for the first time a "PM" build (looking good!!) and I see that Pe is fixed, in there, so strike that out. W+ is not critical, so the only thing that remains is the popup menus. Let's apply the above one-liner and close this ticket ;-)

P.S. To see such a menu, launch a query for all files that contain "ee" (which will find ca. 1000 files), then right-click in the query results window to display them in a (very tall) menu.. then try some modifier keys with the mouse wheel, you'll see that Shift does not work, even in "PM" builds of Haiku..

comment:3 by ttcoder, 8 years ago

Component: Applications/WebPositiveKits/Interface Kit
Owner: changed from leavengood to axeld
Type: enhancementbug


Maybe this one-liner tiny bugfix will get applied earlier if I categorize it properly ;-)

And if I combine it with some (probably deserved) clean-up of no-longer-needed modifiers as well:

-                       if (modifiers() & (B_OPTION_KEY | B_COMMAND_KEY | B_CONTROL_KEY))
+                       if (modifiers() & B_SHIFT_KEY)

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comment:6 by bonefish, 8 years ago

Thanks, applied in hrev46304. This leaves WebPositive. Maybe close this ticket and open an enhancement ticket for it?

comment:7 by bonefish, 8 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Closing. WebPositive enhancement tracked in #10165.

comment:8 by ttcoder, 8 years ago

Thanks Ingo -- filed #10165 so this ticket can be closed.

Makes sense so that this ticket can be closed earlier since adding support to WebPositive might take much more time than doing a single one-liner change; and also allows me to redeem myself a bit after a long history of playing a little loose with trac, mixing up several issues per ticket.. =)

comment:9 by ttcoder, 8 years ago

59 seconds before me.. you guys are damn fast *g*

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