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This is a list of easy introductory tasks for getting started with Haiku development. Before you start working on one of these tickets please add a comment to the ticket and add yourself to the ticket's Cc list (but don't remove anyone else).

inconsistent behavior of Revert button in Backgrounds preflet (easy)
BPicture R5 compatiblity (easy)
[InstallerCD] Artifacts after leaving KDL (easy)
mediaplayer unable to play .m3u files (easy)
Support for .pls (easy)
No format choice when saving audio clip (easy)
[MediaPlayer] show tooltip with current time position (easy)
Improved zoom button behaviour (easy)
[MediaPlayer] Location should be clickable in the File info window (easy)
[MediaPlayer] doesn't exit if started with unsupported file as an argument (easy)
intel partiton addon allows creating partitions > 2TB (easy)
MediaPlayer: playlist command line argument(s) (easy)
[MediaPlayer] checkbox layout in Settings window (easy)
Alert _text field archived but never instantiated (easy)
[WebPositive] show icons for local files (easy)
Add eject button to MediaPlayer (for optical disks) (easy)
MediaPlayer Subtitles font size (easy)
HaikuDepot's screenshot window improvements (easy)

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