The translation of Haiku into Low German / Low Saxon is currently paused because we are waiting for the orthography group Nysassiske Skryvwyse (New Saxon Spelling, to succeed some more so that we can use this new, super-regional Low Saxon orthography for this translation of Haiku.

If one wants to have a translation by the orthography rules of Sass one may create an nds_DE translation of Haiku.

-- June, 27th 2018

De öäversetten van Haiku nå Sassisk is upstünds pauseerd ümdat wy up wyderet wyderkuomen van de gruppe vöär de Nysassiske Skryvwyse ( wachten. De Nysassiske Skryvwyse skal den bruukt werden vöär't öäversetten van Haiku nå Sassisk.

As eyn en öäversetten nå Sass hebben will kan eyn en öäversetten vöär nds_DE anleggen. Man nds skal vöär dat heyle rebeyt vun de sassisken språke, dat sluut in Düütskland, de Neaderlanden un ouk andere regionen wår Sassisk snakt waard. Un vöär disse regionen tosomen is de skryvwyse nå Sass nich good passelik.

-- 27. Juni 2018

Translation of the Haiku User Guide

Information for Translators

These pages are for the {language} translation of the Haiku User Guide using the online tool developed by Vincent Duvert. When translating you'll have to

Information for Language Managers

For every translation a "Language Manager" has to be voted on the haiku-i18n mailing list. His job is to

  • monitor the mailing lists
  • welcome newcomers
  • hand out sample blocks to test a potential volunteer's skills
  • call for votes when necessary
  • create translator accounts at the translation website,
  • read through the work esp. of newcomers and suggest improvements
  • update this Wiki according to what's been discussed

Our current Language Manager is michael.k.


It's recommended to install a {language} {Language} dictionary and the Dictionary Switcher for BeZillaBrowser.

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