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Email Clients


This is a page to illustrate the status quo of open source email clients on Haiku.

Haiku developers and contributors are encourage to add their thoughts here.

What we Currently have


Haiku's official email client that is integrated with the operating system.

Haiku provides an innovative Mail management system using the file system database-like features (queries) to efficiently manage the e-mails. While the technology for this is working well, the user interface is rather limited, making it difficult to use the feature up to its full potential.


(Note: the following list is the result of a dynamic query)

Ticket Priority Summary Status
#13163 normal [Mail] use layout api for find window new
#9052 normal Some new options new
#6065 normal Creating people from within Mail should copy name as well as e-mail new
#5141 normal Generating queries for related mails in Mail new
#5140 normal Mail GUI enhancements new
#4911 normal Inserted signatures should replace, not add each other new
#4851 normal Remove use of attributes/queries for signature/status new
#2906 normal Mail should BRoster::AddToRecentDocuments() when moving to another email via up/down arrows assigned


(Note: the following list is the result of a dynamic query)

Ticket Priority Summary Status
#14801 normal Default mail app refuses to check my inbox and fails when trying to configure the folders new
#14782 normal Mail: Attachment view too tall new
#14767 normal Mail app briefly blocks window in some circumstances assigned
#14747 normal Mail: Selection quoting broken new
#14739 normal Mail won't be "Left as 'New'" new
#12362 normal [Mail] crashed on start new
#9562 normal [Mail] Spellcheck only works with English new
#8948 normal Mail program closes immediate after opening mail new
#8550 normal [Mail] Queries->Edit queries doesn't show alert anymore new
#8026 normal Mail showing an email as empty, which isn't new
#7422 normal Odd email status changes new
#5819 normal Inconsistency occurred in the undo/redo buffer. assigned
#4973 normal Zip attachment is renamed new
#4910 normal Undoing dropped text files new
#4765 normal Location of draft mails assigned
#1431 normal Mail codebase needs a cleanup to fix several issues in-progress
#1326 normal Undo/Redo menu items are not properly enabled/disabled in Mail app assigned


A 3rd party email client that uses a "traditional" UI. It can be installed with HaikuDepot.

The code base can be found here on Github


A 3rd party email client that is meant to provide advanced features. Has not been worked on for a considerable amount time.

The code base can be found here on Github


A port of Thunderbird, a quite complete e-mail software suite. Shares some code with the Firefox 2 port. It can be installed with HaikuDepot.


  • Balsa
  • Claws Mail
  • Apple Mail
  • Mulberry
  • Trojitá


The New Gmail API

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