Reported Issues for Haiku R1 Alpha 4

This page will list the tickets for R1 Alpha 4.

Currently, there are a total of 37 tickets. Of those tickets, 20 are open and 17 have been closed.

Open Tickets

This list of open tickets can be viewed in Haiku's development tracker, by visiting the following query.

10bit mkv videos black video
Odd entries under Locale's "Available languages"
installer panics
kernel panic at install
Two Finger scrolling not working on Thinkpad T420
USB mouse does not work
Haiku fails to boot / KDL when inserting USB stick with Fedora (LVM related?)
Writing large file to USB causes KDL
KDL after plugging in USB-to-serial device
Wine needs some mmap improvements
With font size 18 the Debugger shot shows cut-off text in the menu and in the column headings
WIth font size 18 the FontDemo shows issues at the bottom
With font size 18 Magnify shows issues of drawing over the pop up menu
With font size 18 poorman shows cut offs because the window is too small
System not recognize the type of processor
Add support for PHP to Poorman
[WonderBrush] Export As... Format Bug
Scrolling on MacBook Pro
Overlay video lack some of the right part
Intel wireless driver crashes on connection

Closed Tickets

The list of closed tickets can be viewed in Haiku's development tracker, by visiting the following query.

net_server always crashes booting the A4 ISO loading the ipro1000 driver
KDL when configure bison-2.6.4
Keyboard modifiers setting lost after reboot
Deskbar clock doesn't honor locale formatting
Revisit: intel_extreme mode setting
[WebPositive] non-working facebook chat, imgur upload, and facebook comments.
Enumerating interfaces hangs in kernel on first boot in safe mode
S&T not working correctly on VMware
KDL while booting R1 Alpha4
[Terminal] revert yellow cursor color
Bring the window front when one of it's control activated
intel_extreme 1 pixel height resolution
Change text alignment for OS list in boot menu
Resizing to view additional tabs will deadlock DiskUsage
Anyboot does not boot
With font size 18 Diskprobe, IconOMatic, MidiPlayer, Terminal show an empty desktop
Applications which instantiate BMediaFile will crash while instantiating the BMediaFile object

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