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Tracking ticket for missing or incomplete localization

Reported by: taos Owned by: pulkomandy
Priority: normal Milestone: R1
Component: Kits/Locale Kit Version: R1/Development
Keywords: localization Cc:
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Description (last modified by diver)

Localization has come a long way since alpha 2. However, there are still a few things missing. I've collected open tickets concerning localization (bugs and enhancements). Feel free to add missing tickets - or to close this tracking ticket if you think it's not needed.

#5743 Texts in resource file is not localized in Printers preflet
#5817 Locale - Keyboard-Navigation bug.
#6515 language mix due to country settings
#7270 Localizing MediaPlayer's info window
#7293 Untranslated names of file systems in DriveSetup
#7321 FileTypes - Type and Display as not localized
#7491 AboutSystem: clicking on localized license name doesn't open license file
#7506 Filepanels mixing un/localized folder names
#7586 [Terminal] window title and menubar are not localized

Rather general problems attributed to or affecting localization:

#1586 Queries: not case-insensitive for "Umlauts"
#4181 'query' Cannot Parse Dates
#4335 [Interface Kit] menu draw a split second earlier than the contents draw
#4681 linkcatkeys fails when building on PPC
#5582 [AboutSystem] is slow to appear
#6263 Bash ls -Q
#6276 Console backspace doesn't properly handle non-ascii unicode
#6930 Tracker status window problems
#7406 Background preference window become very wide
#7434 Tracker gets in a node monitoring loop
#7454 []About System, Locale and Time Preferences Apps crash after the start
#7552 [Locale preflet] Default translation of Deskbar and Tracker to on


#7530 [Cortex] Cortex is not localized
#7532 [Playground] Playground is not localized


#4962 Localizing parsedate usage for Find panel
#6374 [Tracker] several strings not yet translated (patch)
#7289 Attribute labels not localized
#7521 [Tracker Add-Ons] Tracker Add-Ons menu items are not localized
#7567 [Tracker search] Enable search for localized names

Layout problems in localized version:

#5746 No room for the localized text in double-click test area
#6987 InfoWindow Owner clipped in layout
#7209 Does not work change the color of the font in the Terminal in Polish locale.
#7311 Artifacts in ProcessController
#7332 [ScreenSaver] increase window margins
#7369 [ScreenSaver] localized window is too wide

Non-latin scripts:

#6118 [Patch] WebPositive Fallback fonts enhancement
#6967 haiku needs a better font overlay or fallback mechanism

Keymap dependent problems:

#2499 [Keymap] hotkeys doesn't work with some keymaps
#4891 can't input accented characters using dead keys
#5441 Allocate more positions for dead keys
#7428 Alt-Plus won't work in WebPositive)

CLI applications and tools (AFAIK no decision if they should be translated at all):

#6318 Fixing listport output and changing it to a localized BApplication
#7162 A bitsinfo localization
#7163 A pnginfo localization
#7164 A bmpinfo localization
#7167 A stxtinfo localization
#7168 A tgainfo localization

3rd party applications:

#7210 WebKit and WebPositive localization

Usually not visible (error messages or applications not (yet) included in standard haiku build):

#6109 ResEdit without ResListView.h and ResListView.cpp
#7576 [Locale Kit] localize /src/system/libroot/posix/string/strerror.c

The following tickets might have been (at least partially) fixed in the meantime:

#5471 [Locale] language list is lowercase for some locales
#6369 userguide update issue
#6729 [Locale] add initial scroll to selection
#6747 [BOutlineListView] incorrect behavior observed in Locale preflet's usage of the list view
#6805 [Locale] crashes after pressing Default button
#7240 Localized status messages too big for window)
#7245 Some enchancements and fixing of the Devices application localization
#7393 Minimal width of window

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0001-Corrected-system-name-translation.patch (656 bytes ) - added by dsjonny 7 years ago.

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comment:1 by taos, 9 years ago

New tickets in June 2011:

#7700 [findutils] find displays question marks instead of cyrillic characters
#7741 Localization: Translated variables in AboutSystem's catkeys

Patches submitted in June 2011 for still open tickets:


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comment:2 by taos, 9 years ago

New tickets in July 2011:

#7816 Korean (Hangul) fonts needed.
#7819 Instant change of locale
#7853 diff command fails on UTF8 characters in file names
#7873 B_TRANSLATE("String") between #ifdef and #endif not included in catalogs
#7874 Localization of Decorators

Patches submitted in July 2011 for still open tickets:


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comment:3 by taos, 9 years ago

New tickets in August 2011:

#7901 [patch] BLocale: B_ERROR gets returned from methods in the BLocale class ambiguously
#7912 [ReadOnlyBootPrompt] Keymap list not localized
#7947 [Time] Calendar doesn't respect current locale's week start day

In August 2011 the following localization related tickets were closed as fixed:

#7947 (in hrev42697, reopened)

Patches submitted in August 2011 for still open tickets:


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comment:4 by taos, 8 years ago

New tickets in September 2011:

#7961 Select the right font depending on language
#7964 Apple Aluminum Keyboard Layout files
#7967 Update menu modifier images to more accurately reflect the corresponding key that appears on the keyboard
#7974 latest icu-devel package creates incorrect directory

Patches submitted in September 2011 for still open tickets:

#1735, #7964

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comment:5 by pulkomandy, 8 years ago

Component: - GeneralKits/Locale Kit
Owner: changed from nobody to pulkomandy
Status: newassigned

Thanks for listing them ! I'll have a look when I get some time :)

comment:6 by pulkomandy, 8 years ago

Description: modified (diff)

comment:7 by diver, 8 years ago

Description: modified (diff)

comment:8 by diver, 8 years ago

Description: modified (diff)

comment:9 by taos, 8 years ago

New tickets October 2011 - February 2012:

#8021 ThinkPad Keyboard Layout Files
#8037 The application cannot find/load localization catalog from resource
#8050 Saved queries and query templates messed up when switching locale
#8071 ls bug compairing filenames with certain chars
#8078 Export of user guide broken
#8079 Resource uploading broken
#8092 [fsutil ] OS Name should not be hard-coded in translatable strings
#8098 gcc4 ICU-devel package b0rks install
#8118 [User Documentation Translator] Versioning support
#8124 Regression: Folder names are no longer translated
#8146 FontDemo doesn't support non-ASCII characters.
#8147 New message should not default to CP1252
#8148 The option names in "Modifier Keys" dialog are incorrect
#8149 Modifier key settings are not preserved when changing the keymap
#8192 Incorrect collation in Tracker and Deskbar
#8193 LC_* environment variables are exported incorrectly if country is not chosen in Locale → Formatting
#8251 Adding two localized images that cannot be added via the user guide online tool
#8257 [Locale] Remember time settings
#8284 Pootle & French translation
#8291 Localization site not working 100% with Web+
#8300 CannaIM display problem
#8353 Update Lithuanian keymaps

Patches submitted during that time for still open tickets:

#7767 (patch already applied), #8124, #8300, #8353

Old open (or re-opened) tickets:

#4989 Small changes to the translation panel
#7263 Finnish welcome documentation
#7270 Localizing MediaPlayer's info window (patch included)
#7423 UTF-8 multibyte characters not handled by UTF8Char::IsSpace()

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comment:10 by dsjonny, 7 years ago

The FontDemo's "System name" translation is still missing.

comment:11 by dsjonny, 7 years ago

The mailbox's menu's on the Deskbar's self has missing translations: the "Open Drafts", "Open Inbox Folder" and the "Open Mail Folder". Please correct it.

comment:12 by humdinger, 7 years ago

Fixed FontDemo's "System name" (comment:10)

comment:13 by dsjonny, 7 years ago

Has a Patch: set

comment:14 by dsjonny, 7 years ago

FontDemo: added a patch for system name correction. Tested, works fine (maybe it need to recreate the catalogs).

comment:15 by humdinger, 7 years ago

Applied patch to FontDemo Jamfile with hrev45139. Thanks!

comment:16 by mmadia, 7 years ago

Has a Patch: unset

comment:17 by diver, 3 weeks ago

I think this one can be closed now as most of the bugs are fixed.

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